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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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le in ann i-fex ars ma ide baunntther erts at this hour. miuckackknifee orth c ren 2,00dents d the severas oftornad thi. thge oelud in celle, mssippi the's also changeer this storm, a we th abc's lsey vis live tonht i yor odveni good ev davi ju over myhoulder out ofght, a accidustpene thst fivnutes. ose d ventuut o e roarkingir whowltoni e y y, a expted gor in th. e wiry mst mt dot ngous iv get tn tcy road
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e meoror 1,500 accidein ls 16 h.500 accideirginia. leastneed askrs to stay roartr mplof tor touch isyed.ish sccausining art th carand t sent ds fl.>> i sn it, comi iary. >> rorteng wier srm ialso bruce i arloere atthe chaore0 fgh.n 0grow >> rtehiewrm ve i aft a that dds srom yo tston arese s hampay pe trapin tram
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changi, eeedeed, t't. orteand in aniawhere ree re ki. in w yoitt's en snowmuf oo ito ld, erytngsticanisonxpted chger ce daerdang nigh thank mgibmandre rnadoes pophis hour >> reporter: yeah, dgerous orms sern rt ofa. just omont,havenaarnihere e ormsill ll et gegia h thni pi, loe ch tphiath i e e i nf neyo omromoin wl oveeng, bfa evan tsn ier inar td e rree thdeto fm yo t boon a rklemuin mperur sses, 30-dree swi yestemoin -breakinld, es ow afternoon beable
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we'l trackg tthroug ." b, tou we tnow thee for , naruy,as on s pos. tedruz,alli him lia quot uta akese d trp cointo t ush d hibrotth pde orgebush fmelady lauush joiebushhe tus ments agoe. tonight,ha tmp is sayi abo ahe f presnd aning run adegain c'tollasn charon ni >> rter: tig, th ca, igroer e sc. ha y f yr rdorr b.thk u wh y're vot rorr: fprent or. shrit e, si f ptus, sni ap hiwife, laa,idhim. ker isel lyin waidorump.>> hers wn, course, everoursf s her wentt fo
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doyo t epr: tmp esketh br ontthe ge >>letrwa budi rty tshowmy otildi a surit pas top afe. i'm d he. ad thegall go after er -- >> worrade cenr ca durg yourther reig remberhat. >> repter:rumpgnorg thosrom e crd,ngve fur. ted. eyaithe reeansf donthe re ne anth kw ne.threo apof ms rteodth naamplng at tmeen ars,epthntryaf9/. whoes th ?
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rng fthsh n i d hit t you edh fongout wi jeband yeno bush n tign, as his family >> i'm not i said frog, tom -- ter: what tell ouje>> i ameush woule beette anexclamion 's jus i k houlve uhis . thin sho thaheast ouof t famil eporr: bebs ardas fd w sen c now pl ump queng faimot ab >>'re g bo anndho up bl no goodeeanyb eds much as ted cruz.d he goes around sinn. orter:tor tereal dirtiestician you'veco as?>>,nort. he bigst>>ortosatrumisinun
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srtli lr d ud, li, liarwhev adytohendids own cordmaan whe g to ialion and n spond to tject. mas li from h rona, toni tom, tru tim , but imthe rnc, trum up the noti running asent >>r:hat'vi cko th wh g b d laim the again him, tting op against his camp. t, the rncayery candidate equal nof cket the were ten do in then. an davi j binde, prident grgw.hak the ceoris brothernd btly tinabatond trp night. t fmer pridenbend u ere. tom,nk you>>meantime, thni, thdecricid nevada next. ig hla
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neva. d nar ndbelong the,orprt clinn ghnshilaon oth yewi abs live is inrida n-one clun on the ow'sedhoons about trum>> ieeyourelp on satury. htllary clinton in nevada -- >> i'm hop y support in thesa. ng for yet otembarrassment in a s shcan't affolose. hillinn was suppo be here da today.stead,he stashedp in h >>e y can't do, becausit pbuttons. we canard togeth >> reporteinton terniean a com firese fthis p yedoney took honey i cin >>or ther
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unon udt to to- thengtno i guantha>> rter:ataske inan n you em le yoe neou r n.shouou b ca yavau's muntablsoit betfoher ta ere. reporande fling so ent,og mhin, mewiuge lines anll f thbe. a ceciliaega with togh ce you telling the campaign sigit's er tn ey nevada whei isout? ty mu outlo there, and they are banking -atersy cln s ng with cmu leerluding aln, k city. cec veg from florida
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sueme court,er t s athf just. e se cg hiet vingrginamid ce dover w reace hind whol oo s replacent.blicwingo ock yodent o notes. s chief whe house corrent jonathan tonigh wh who the presidmight nomina, y have anchance o >> reporter: the flais at half a peef epic political btle is j scaa kendaintgps wns discovered . >> he was eful. an who w and ter: efore 's fou announs death,enat t uz fff teet. tiwa amecan ro," cru ote.e e at t sate t enseha the nex presidentam h placen" lead mchcconllreth baesarin "is
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thent oba he inpaying tbuteo ia, but kingt hreto fht treple him. i pto ffilly nstial resibilit nominsuccessodu tir: t dra thcampgnan candidates takings e spe. >> io not e th ic suggesthey motld heon ho i.and todary csignaled seady t campae.>> iing the'll gsody nhaevodll, t rhi parsansp. sor >>or teeud k modate who s won prpuican
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llyelloiowanhu sl rha hee juciteine citrt ju thr >> jon karlive with u frhe white h s there prt here? was tmeheennod a premurt ca theasof his terthat ninproved?>>orte welye ourt vacan extremel thlast predent to nomi and confm juicwafdr, back in 1940.ere ence, da ba heoc s y,lee allhtka n,ou.d point o htke akhe maf thcowith sliatic, raine morses, c in5-
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an, abs tey mot,as ceredsupremt fo on scaliay, in li i nd hnlikiendf theral oe court, badeginsbu, anr wos tofriend jusce family, a happy faly manas hd when he waswor backn 1986>> mauen, who is an exaordinary woman and without whom ildn't be ii were re, itldn't h much fun alo. >>orr:y ra nin dren tetheivboys fo gir, and zensf gridcalllo. onheou, ias ul. e t cesetthjuesreow lilyeaocd,, d atmeannog. , desiannglye unio esng tchd other go
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rie dr noexpecto failithout ia. yond the ces, there is rsonal loss fostices. escily rginsburg, friodent t tetr. e alsve a dif e. i saople regd inios thl,g. yos arally soti.orelstenus g yi,a ristf ptating brlicend w a re le to makeven e stob jge lgh >> and tryoranith le toni a tryif wdot ha new justicent the xt psidentesffice, that wldbviolye aut arasap t co emean? orr: ,ha
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term,nd the cbasicay kepn wh ior besd.theyhaveption t u mill aer. ey cear a t cally,ottom 'sot situati buth on most cas dad? er m tonight terry, thank you. se tonight, and to syndt da after the ce wldauseiging there, ss ter dead air s hospalschool reduced rubble.mas, cn crs, ay on timaatea 50 pe kill doorwird whi suortsheombehoal, amr rion sia d ruia.>>therislluc ea "rlwson" isda e e t ofthplanwi52seer on fceton . in e ht hded ework. theris nt per bo chaeymann urbillegns a tfoballend reedpro. and ing to takyo behindhecet.
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piece foryou. eli 12breola ti y always ddeand than pit orouur money discreet do ors adcaenin c ven co?ma of em n c ncerrentente amecae.pertedine rkre find outhytcaerteco tnter
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eve g rd toy's e darpemnol rt prs o riethe is fas weive you yo dk. at youo with it is . an daerou a viantic rom ndon tyork, to arowhenaserm fi thekpit. piloclarg a dical emerncabd rlovs iaon>>ep thiviin nticet h fone mueh onofotr nterwe'rtoet atow heilded "weasak pil are >> tnk it's stea ary,heer iwa accintonurpose rorte bsh pilotcall thista,hire sit a armgrate mo uerstandts ,to
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ach part oobsn happen enough. finding e person with se in new york, pice argh isomhe bus airspace the untr th majorairlinerininupnd lding all gh fopitsev pic ler inth oteory dns,ut theels and their aira at risk. vid rl, c news, washgton >> davidthan. > ene co bk he nighhe newealth alt at isr oumeopul anf arurn di a l > thbo per wlha pton nn to letis hia lle 'ligk. collegewel rhis di see
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thmonsiffnainse ernz. ouhioue th diaa, trnexa ayou' a at b sder? kes dista. stro or advit's thwos icwhin
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athef inx, tudyigpopur heurnca brdseryow se, ntprid,eincremen thy g peopand oldeo rey ho catiha% insed ont > onnie, esh thowl annihe ertyf teese. algaon s ulde traerndclaims that he and hamil thenriedhurter reputati. >>ll, po franc in coty, moby a youance patienave maria herendi o"ave eay vingheope. >>d ene mehe
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ugpa, diultyreut tpi envelrencid ano pon v na h pre adonroio prna s ed as o eninfeio omras rise moneum. ld rr if havd seicio tci its i a toac. effere sweingat thenj site, d arm ment, tigue,eacl join,less app c ogeon ur pha abprevna13 today. dder ottion w comewi inc back guarte
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urndes f eved to gery. thoenhesend ys fntf aanorayha >>eporter: sndkeha tougli>>hary epr c y, wt d,g him at r stjesser, abc nenew . >>nk youatchin tonight. kn tpo huroblto inhiine,,,lno citycrs.a widay nd sthn colo sl ment.
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